Working field, your profession

Occupations in sport

The basic attitude of an instructor is in the passion for the sport. Our education takes off from that passion. Your first essential focus in our program will be attention to improving your own skills at skiing, surfing or climbing etc. These are the essentials to becoming a novice instructor. When you experience fun in an activity, your basic attitude originates. It is this attitude you will reflect to your clients, participants or students that says: “This is so cool, you should experience this too!”


You will find that there are many opportunities for employment in the field of leisure sports. Your workplace will be the holiday destination for your clients! You will even find yourself in this same exciting scenario during your educational path. The field’s request for specialized expert instructors is very strong. Our education combines a broad qualification structure with the content of specific instructor licenses. That is why our program is your best preparation for a position in leisure sport.

Is it necessary to be sure you want to work in sport?

Absolutely not. We believe that the surrounding in which you are educated is perfectly suited to address your general personal development. You will be trained in group dynamics, group processes, and leadership principles. Graduates of our school will have the opportunity to work with a variety of companies in and outside of sport. Students can also progress in higher professional education comparable to bachelor and master’s studies. Specifically, your general personal development will make you successful in a variety of work settings.

Broadly educated

In addition to your personal growth and leadership development, you will be broadly educated in our school within several work areas. You also have the opportunity to specialize in several disciplines.

Your education in water sports will include, windsurfing or kitesurfing instructor, senior instructor water sports, and sailing is possible.

Your education in snow sports will include skiing and snowboarding (National Ski Instructor, Anwärter, and Landes Instructor).

Your education in outdoor sports will include raft guide (IRF II and IRF III), climbing instructor, outdoor instructor (general), and mountain bike instructor.