Our vision

Our vision

Every person is different. Every person has their own specific talents and people inspire each other. That is why we offer you a personal learning route, while you operate within the group. Our small size facilitates just that. You determine what you learn, and at which moment you want to learn it. We facilitate your choices, and we guide your development. Our trainers ensure that your development fits the qualification structure for earning your diploma.


Professor Ken Robinson is an inspiring speaker on education. He speaks about the differences between teaching and learning. He understands the importance of teaching and learning based on each individual’s creativity and uniqueness. Stimulating and cherishing that everyone learns differently allows one to create a positive learning experience and environment. Please take the time to look and listen to his vision here: Ken Robinson about education. Through this link you can read about his ideas to develop our school system.

Principles for learning (1)

At MBO4lLeisureSports we are constantly looking for ways to inspire students and to target the individual effectively. Our principles are:

1. The person who is learning, gets control over issues that can be overseen by him/her.

2. Our trainers guide, assist, and coach you when needed throughout your educational journey.

3. We search for a solid basis of mutual understanding. What we do as educators always serves you as a student.  We want to see you succeed.

4. We choose appropriate locations and surroundings that are logical to combine practice and the theory of that practice.

Principles for learning (2)

5. Theory is only a word and we use it to indicate a specific way of learning in this unique environment. After each session we spend time discussing the practical experiences.

6. Learning is a process of change. When you’ve learned something, something has changed. Our program is not about passing tests and exams. At MBO4Leisuresports, exam marks will be a reflection of your abilities, and that is exactly how we use them in your learning process.

Educational programs with focus

We believe that you appreciate learning when you are doing things that you feel are useful. Learning takes place when it challenges you and when it is relevant for your development. Enjoyment in what you are learning is of utmost importance. Doing things that you understand and in which you believe gets you further ahead, especially when you don’t like traditional learning.