Soon, you will be a fantastic sports instructor


Private and governmentally certified education Sports & Leisure (3 years)


Level 3: Sports and Leisure Instructor (crebo registration: 25415)


Level 4: Sports and Leisure Coordinator, training en coaching (crebo registration: 25414)

You will become an independent and responsible professional, who is initiative oriented. You have a lot of knowledge of sports, leisure, group processes, and nature. Our program is an alternative for traditional sports programs. We pay more attention to individual students and personal growth. We have no class rooms, yet have an inspirational environment.

At MBO4Leisuresports, learning is an alternative for the traditional way of teaching.

Our vision, translated into concrete programs, reflects the alternative.


What are you going to do?

Active, teach, travel, languages, personal and professional development

The majority of your education consists of leisure sports. You will be out on the water, in the snow and the outdoors. Throughout beautiful Holland, Austria, and France, you will go snowboarding, skiing, climbing, mountain biking, rafting, surfing. You will also learn how to teach others to learn, to coach, and to organize. This is the part of the program that focuses on your professional development. In the general part of the program you will learn languages (German, English, Dutch), math, career and citizenship. This all fits in the qualification structure of the Dutch Ministry of Education, which certified our program.


Water sports, snow sports, outdoor sports

During your entire education

During your time at MBO4Leisuresports, you can specialize in water, snow, or outdoor sports. You can also specialize in all three. Whatever choice you make, we’ll make a fantastic sports instructor out of you! What helps, is that we don’t have classrooms, there is no school building. We learn in nature's classroom: on the water, in the Alps, or on a fast flowing river. You will find that in this environment, you will learn quickly and with excitement. Our goal is to give you the confidence to independently apply your education to a variety of career options.


Customize your school year

Individual planning for each student

Each student will receive an individual school year plan. You too. Your plan will be based on your preferences, needs and choices. Your ambitions will dictate your path. Together, we will work on the right plan for you. Your school year consists of four semesters. First, a class and training semester, followed by an internship in the snow (in Austria). Then, another class and training semester, followed by an internship in water or outdoor sports. You determine where you perform your internships.


Days and weeks in your program

In Holland and abroad

In your school year plan, we distinguish school days, school weeks, and internships. On school days, we have one-day activities (in Holland). Throughout the school year there are 12-14 weeks in which we spend the whole week on a leisure location. We call that school weeks. When we go abroad, we go for multiple weeks. The school provides your accommodation.


Your internship

Opportunities in Holland and abroad

In the summer and in the winter, you will take part in an internship. You can intern as a surf instructor, ski instructor, or a raft guide. You can intern anywhere, as long as it fits your program. In some cases, your internship might not necessarily take up the entire intern semester. Depending on your preferences, you can divide your intern hours between winter and summer. Most students exceed their basic internship requirements as they love working for the outdoor companies with which our program cooperates. You will work hard; you will learn fast, and you will have fun. Many of the internships allow students to have the opportunity to earn money as well.


A lot to learn

The programs of MBO4Leisuresports fit within the qualification structure for Sports & Leisure that our government has outlined for MBO-schools. MBO refers to Middle Professional Education. This is comparable to college-level diploma’s in the Anglo-American school system. The qualification structure dictates the outcome of educational programs in Holland. All the obligated elements are offered in MBO4Leisuresports. The way in which a school educates students is up to the school. This gives our school the space to implement its extremely intense and very personal program. We will train you for specific abilities for the various sport and leisure activities that you choose. Medical first aid is also an important topic that will be covered in each discipline. You can expect to learn about equipment maintenance as well as repair of material and clothing. You can expect to be able to develop, plan, execute and evaluate events. You will learn to deal with customers, analyze their movements and then translate that to your class content. You will learn to cooperate and to coach. Personal growth and development of leadership will become your basic skills.

Excelling at sport

Your own skills

Our school is all about you. Each module allows for plenty of time to develop your sport specific skills. You will become an expert at your chosen sports. When you excel at a specific sport, you will in turn become an amazing instructor. If you choose water sports, you will receive specific training in kite and wind surfing as well as lifeguarding skills. If you choose winter sports, you will receive specific training in skiing and snowboarding. If you choose outdoor sports you focus on climbing, rafting, mountain biking and hiking.


The general courses

Always related to practice

Most of your educational time will be spent learning, practicing and developing your focused sport and leisure activities. There are also general courses in Dutch, English, mathematics and career and citizenship. We offer these courses throughout the year, when there is a logical fit within the sports program. We are knowledgeable of what students need certain courses. Are you a native English speaker, then math might be better content for you (then English). We will personalize the course content of the general courses and we offer them in workshops that are relevant for you.