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MBO4Leisuresports was founded in 2009 with the idea that experiencing a hands on education is the best way to learn.  We dedicate our time and attention to your learning experience. Learning becomes an adventure at MBO4Leisuresports. Personal attention to each student and trust between you and your instructors make learning fun. You will not only get an exhilarating educational experience, but you will also develop the confidence to share your education with others.  You can graduate at Level 3 Sports Instructor or Level 4 Sports Coordinator.

An education that feels like an adventure

MBO4Leisuresports is a school without walls. Your classroom will be on the snow, the water, and in the great outdoors. You will explore beautiful areas in The Netherlands, Austria and France, all the while growing personally and professionally through education and firsthand experience.

Currently, most of our students are from Holland, with more to soon join from abroad. We run a small program with a close-knit team, in which each student makes his/her own program. You can expect a first-rate educational experience on your journey to become a confident outdoor sports instructor. You will achieve a Dutch diploma, which is comparable to a college degree. You will also achieve internationally recognized licenses for snow, water, and outdoor sports. In the Dutch school system we offer Level 3 Sports Instructor and Level 4 Sports Coordinator courses, which is comparable to the college level.

You are the most important

We are a small private program. The advantage of learning in this type of environment is that you receive all the attention you need, require and ask for. Unlike larger public institutions that offer sport and leisure programs, we offer a customized program for each student. Our program revolves around you. During your initial intake meeting we will discuss your preferences with regards to your values, ambitions, and your goals.  We will match that with the pace you want to realize your goals. We will then build a personalized program catered just for you. Step by step, and at times with giant leaps, we will work towards your goals.

Making learning fun!

At MBO4Leisuresports we believe that the best learning takes place through hands-on experience. Whether you are hanging upside down on a mountain, jumping a wave while kiteboarding, or running down a black diamond in the fresh powder, you will be learning and having fun. You will experience your education on the beautiful coast, on the majestic mountains, on wild rivers and rugged terrain. Your education will take you beyond skiing, boarding, surfing, kiting, and mountain biking. MBO4Lesiuresports will also teach you how group dynamics work, how great leaders perform, and the underlying principles of teaching. The best part about this style of education is that personal development happens almost unconsciously within the team. When you submerge yourself daily in this style of education you can’t help but have fun too.

A special bond between you and your trainers

With MBO4Leisuresports programs you will be working with your trainers intensely. Whether it’s in Holland or abroad, travelling or training, you will create a bond with your instructors and your peers. Our trainers will instill their passion for sports, recreation, leisure and education in you. Beautiful moments happen every day. Our trainers thrive on watching you grow and learn. They will support you in every possible way.

We invite you to see for yourself!

If an outdoor education sounds like something you would be interested in, then please come by, or meet with our program director through a video call. We do not have designated drop in days, but you are always welcome to accompany any regular day of class with our school. There are many opportunities throughout the school year to have you come and see first hand what we have to offer. Together we can plan a day that best suits you. First hand experience will allow you to really see what our school is all about. You will have the opportunity to participate and connect with students and trainers.  Join in an average class day of either surfing, biking, skiing or climbing! Contact us to schedule a meeting.

Cost of education

Tuition fees differ for each student as tuition is based on your personalized program. During your internship you will have the opportunity to earn an income which can in turn contribute to your educational costs. Once we connect and discuss your personalized program, we will provide you with your total cost of tuition.

In Holland students get government support for their post secondary education. It depends on your personal situation whether you qualify for this type of support, or if there are other opportunities for educational loans from your home country.