Working and studying at MBO4Leisuresports

We have built a vast network in leisure sport. To educate students is a shared responsibility between education, practical experience and work field. We will design a school year for you that creates the opportunity for you to start working at paid internships from the beginning.


Students who attend MBO4Leisuresports can acquire international licenses through our partner VDWS, the German international organization for water sports centers. Through the VDWS you will acquire windsurfing and kitesurfing licenses. On the website of the VDWS, you can also find opportunities to find jobs throughout the world.

In winter sports and outdoor sports this works in a similar way.

Work at a ski school

In Austria, our students find jobs in ski schools relatively easily. You can be in Austria the entire winter or shorter, depending on your personal plan. If you don’t yet have ski experience, you will have the opportunity to start working as a ski instructor in Austria in your first winter. You can realize this goal as we will dedicate many hours on improving your skills in your school year plan.

Work as outdoor or water sports instructor

There are many opportunities to obtain employment in Holland and other parts of Europe in the field of outdoor and water sports. These opportunities are dependent on your goals, ambitions, and educational preferences. All these amazing work experience and travel opportunities will contribute heavily to your general personal development.