Internships / jobs

Internships / jobs

When you choose our program, you will start working for a company within your first year, after your first semester. We find the best learning takes place with a combination of training, hard work and internship. In many cases a student can choose a paid internship.

In the winter, practically all our students work at a ski school in Austria. In the summer students typically choose an outdoor company or a water sports center. During your internship/work as a sports instructor you will be guided in your development by the company as well as by the school. MBO4Leisuresports will help you find paid positions in ski schools in Austria, outdoor companies and water sport centers. You also have the option of writing proposals yourself to find intern positions. We love to see you take initiative!

Intern per student individually

With each student we will work to determine your specific internship time. Depending on your personal preferences and planning we can vary your internship timing. Thus, you can choose for a longer internship in the winter than in the summer, or the other way around. Our principle is that the internship will help you in your growth and development.

Cooperation with companies

A good internship/workplace offers opportunities to develop yourself, while getting paid. We think that education and practical experience go hand in hand. The principle is that you can make money during your education, based on the certificates and licenses that you acquire in our program. That is why we cooperate with companies that can offer this during your study.